12 ‘Car Tips’ Every Driver Needs To Know

While driver’s education may teach a person how to drive, it doesn’t teach everything a person needs to know about their car. Here are 12 ‘car hacks’ that all drivers need to know. These things could also help you in the case of an accident or emergency situation!

1. Use A Plunger to Remove Small Dents

Those annoying small dents in the car can amount to thousands of dollars to fix up! But a simple hack that works for most small dents is to use a toilet plunger by placing it over the area of the dent and getting the air pressure tight and giving it a nice little tug. Works for small and medium sized dents most of the time!

2. Extend Your Car Warranty

While most manufacturers offer factory warranty coverage on new vehicles, they typically expire within 3 years or after 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Has your car’s auto warranty expired? Purchasing extended auto coverage offers the same peace of mind as a no-cost factory plan without the restrictions. That means if your car breaks down, malfunctions or requires a replacement component, you could enjoy huge savings on repair costs without the new car price tag. Make sure you shop around for rates on this.

3. No Tickets? Get A Lower Auto Insurance Rate

You might think you’re already paying a low auto insurance rate, but recent research shows that only 5% of Americans over the age of 30 are paying less than $50 per month for car insurance. If you’re currently paying more than $50 per month, and have had no accidents or tickets in the past two years, you can probably secure a much lower car insurance rate. The best way to do that is to compare quotes from multiple insurers – let them compete for your business. Check out Best Quotes Auto Insurance. Once you fill out the form on their website they’ll provide you with multiple quotes you can choose from. .

4. Drive with Lyft and Get Paid.

Make money on your own schedule driving with Lyft, the ridesharing app that matches drivers with passengers requesting rides. Choose to drive full time, between jobs, or just on the weekends — you’re in control. Plus, there’s no waiting around for payday. Cash out when you want and get paid instantly with the Express Pay feature. Apply to drive today!

5. Keep Your Car (and Belongings) Safe with a Home Security System

Your Car and your House are probably two of your most valuable assets. This tip isn’t so much a “car tip” but rather a general house tip. Keep your car, your belongings and everything safe in your house. This home security system is top rated and can even dispatch the police if someone breaks into your house. Did you know one of the easiest entry points for a burglar is your garage?From there they can usually get into the rest of your house easily.

6. Free Frozen Locks With Hand Sanitizer

Even if it’s only parked out front, getting from the front door to your car in the middle of a harsh winter can be pretty miserable. It’s worse if you get there only to find the door locks are frozen shut. Hand sanitizer is your key to getting inside. The alcohol works to thaw the ice, so you can hop in and get the heater turned on high.

7. Use Toothpaste To Clear Cloudy Headlights

After many miles on the road, your car’s headlights are going to get scuffed up and cloudy. It might not majorly affect their performance, but it certainly doesn’t look good. Smear a little bit of toothpaste on a clean rag and start scrubbing the headlights. It contains mild abrasives that can remove a thin layer from the headlight housing and fill in any tiny scratches. Toothpaste is an easy and convenient compound to get your headlights clear again.

8. Are Debts and Credit Cards, and Car Loans Weighing You Down?

If you feel like you are underwater in Debt, and have more then $10,000 in debt you could probably benefit with some Debit Relief services.

9. Every Driver Should Have a Good Life Insurance Plan

While we never want to think about the worst case scenarios we really believe that everyone should have a life insurance plan. A good life insurance plan would give you our your spouse up to $250,000 in compensation if someone where to pass away.

10. Know When Your Oil Needs Changing

This is an obvious one that every car owner should know. While the rule of thumb used to be every three months or around 5,000 miles, that’s no longer true for all new cars. Read your manual to know when your vehicle’s oil change is due, we recommend setting the date on your calendar. If you’re not sure when you should change your oil, some signs to look for are if your oil looks black & gritty, your engine sounds louder than usual, or you notice the oil level drops. Some newer luxury models will also provide you with an alert when you need to change your oil.

11. Park Your Car Facing East to Defrost Windscreen in the Morning.

Although it seems simple you can save some considerable time in the morning. If you live in a place where frost is a big problem on winter mornings and leave your car parked outside then this is for you.
Whenever you can make sure you park your car facing east. As the sun rises in the east you’re using the suns warmth to defrost the ice on your windscreen rather than you having to stay outside in the cold and scrape it off yourself. With this trick you should be able to use your windscreen wipers to do the not so heavy lifting for you. Who doesn’t want a little bit of added comfort on a cold winters morning?

12. Change Your Air Filter Every 6 Months

If you want to help increase your fuel efficiency, magke sure you change your air filter every six months or as recommended in your owner’s manual. A lot of people often neglect doing this, and they find that they just aren't getting the fuel efficiency they were promised by their car manufacturer. This alone can save quite a few hundred dollars yearly.