Time To Replace Your Old Doorbell: This New Smart Home Device Is A Must-Have For Your Front Door!

The new device is called Video Doorbell, and the first thing you’re likely to notice about it is its sleek modern design… but wait until you see what it does!

This doorbell camera does a lot more than meets the eye. It could already be the #1 gadget of 2019!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer your front door the same way you answer a phone call?

Think about it - not only could you answer the door without needing to get up, you could also see who’s approaching your home from anywhere in the world. And because data suggests burglars typically ring your doorbell to find out if you’re at home, this could even prevent a break-in!

Thanks to an exciting new invention, this is now possible - and it couldn’t be easier to have one of these new devices protecting your home.

It’s called the Video Doorbell, and even though it launched just 13 days ago, it’s already spreading across USA. It’s even become a top contender for Best Smart Home Device of 2019! But what makes it so special, you ask?

How the Video Doorbell works

The Video Doorbell installs next to your front door, replacing your current doorbell whilst adding a sleek modern touch to your home in the process.

It’s incredibly simple to use, too. The Video Doorbell comes with a free app. When visitors (or burglars!) approach your front door, you receive a notification on your phone and the HD camera turns on. You instantly get a live video feed and you can talk to the person at your door using the two-way speaker.

The Video Doorbell was designed for everyone - from busy parents and senior citizens to tech-loving smart home owners. Some even say their kids love using it to say “hi” when they get home from school.

The peace of mind you get from knowing who’s at your door at all times is just the beginning. People who use the Video Doorbell say they’ll never miss a parcel delivery again - and if thieves try to steal it, they’ll be caught on camera. Talk about stress-free Amazon deliveries!

On top of this, the battery lasts for an impressive 8-12 months. It only takes a moment to install and then you don’t have to worry about it at all.

How much does the Video Doorbell cost?

This is where things get interesting.

Normally, an advanced smart device like this costs upwards of $300 at a specialty shop… but Video Doorbell does things differently. Instead of offering the device at shops, which add expensive markups to the price, they only sell directly to you from their official website.

The price is usually $198.99, but they’re currently running a sale to celebrate their launch - the first 35 people who buy Video Doorbell get it for 50% off!


It seems too good to be true. Are there hidden costs?

This is a common question, and it was the first thing we asked.

Yes, it’s true that a lot of high-end systems like this will charge you monthly fees, expensive installation costs (which can reach over $1100+), or hidden fees in the app. In fact, some even require you to re-wire your home!

The Video Doorbell is unique because it’s a one-time purchase - there are no monthly fees, ever.

In addition, installing the device is simple and only takes about 3 minutes, with no wiring needed at all. The app is also free. You just pay once and the Video Doorbell is yours forever.

Where can I find the Video Doorbell?

At the moment, you can only get the genuine Video Doorbell directly from the designer. This is to keep costs low and ensure premium quality in each device.

Check now to see if the 50% discount is still active:


We’ll warn you, the manufacturer runs out of stock often… get yours now and bring your doorbell into the 21st century!

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