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I’m so pleased with my Video Doorbell!! My kids get home from school earlier than I get home from work, and that used to mean hours of worrying every afternoon… but now I feel relaxed, because I know my Video Doorbell will alert me if anyone approaches my home when I’m not there.

I can instantly check to see who’s coming to my house, and I can even greet them on the speaker - OR tell them to back off!! I’m happy with the design, too. I just wish I had another one for my back door, although I’m afraid the dog would keep setting it off :)


My Video Doorbell arrived quickly and included everything I needed to attach it outside my front door. I chose the rechargeable battery, which was really convenient because it doesn’t require any wiring. It took about 10 hours to fully charge, and supposedly this will last for 10-12 months. So far, so good.

I didn’t have a doorbell, so it was especially easy. However, the kit included tools to install over a doorbell if you have one. It only took me a few minutes to figure out the best arrangement, then install it directly into the wall.

Next, I installed the free app, which was also easy. I’m not very comfortable with technology, but this was no trouble at all. The app is very intuitive.

Video Doorbell can detect motion from the end of my walkway, and it works immediately as soon as someone approaches. The HD video quality is very clear and allows me to have a real conversation with someone, even when I’m not at home. I feel safer than ever about my home, because all I have to do is open my phone to see who’s at my door.

It also includes stickers for your window or door, which let people know that they are being recorded. It is a great deterrent, for theft but also a useful, convenient device in general at a great price for the quality you get. I recommend it.


I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about how great the Video Doorbell is at shooing away those PESKY DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESMEN!!!!

Since moving to a new neighborhood a few weeks ago I’ve had a lot of salesmen approaching my door. They even come during dinner. I installed my Video Doorbell next to a “NO SOLICITOR” sign and its working great. If someone I dont recognize comes to my house I just answer the door with my phone and tell them Im not available. This stops their tricky “foot in the door” technique cold…

Installation was easy and I don’t have to pay monthly fees whch is great. It’s still working like new.


I was paying tons of money every month for a security service I didn’t really need, but after I saw this on sale for a one-time purchase (which was only a small % of my old annual bill) I ditched my expensive monthly security system to give it a try.

It work as described which saves me hundreds per year. It also looks great outside the home. I especially recommend it to senior citizens who don’t want to get up to answer the door.


I’m a disabled veteran, so it takes me a lot of effort to answer the front door. Now with the Video Doorbell I don’t have to get up. The device was easy to install and the app works well. Thank you.


I got my Video Doorbell because I HATE porch pirates!!!!!

I do a lot of my shopping online these days, but I’m not always at home to receive the parcels. Well, one time I arrived home expecting a parcel, but found nothing. However, the post said it was delivered. The next day our neighbourhood watch group sent a message about a suspicious group walking up to doors in our area. Shocker, right???

If I had my Video Doorbell, I could have spotted them and caught them in the act. Instead, I lost the parcel AND my sense of security. I was FURIOUS, so I did something about it right away. Now thanks to the Video Doorbell, these low-lifes will NEVER bother me again!!!


Sometimes it picks up cars passing by, but that’s my only complaint for now….. really enjoy being able to see when someone is coming to my house……. got the $99 sale, very good price for what you get….. looks good on the door too…..!

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