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The new SmartWatch That’s Taking on the Market’s Biggest Brands

New technology is always being developed to make our lives more convenient. Our devices are getting so small that they don’t just fit in our pockets anymore - we can wear them now too. Smartwatches have seen a stark improvement in recent years and have become a popular companion for fitness, answering phone calls, monitoring sleep, and much more.

The XWatch is the latest device to hit the market and it has extreme potential. It offers a powerful all-in-one experience that’s housed in a sleek and robust design, and it’s got a simple-to-use interface that’s easily modified. Keep reading to learn more about it.

The Watch’s Key Features

The XWatch is affordable and packs in plenty of awesome features. It competes well with other more well-known providers and has all the same features, with an arguably more stylish design. Besides being the perfect fitness companion, the XWatch performs well for a number of other uses.

On the Move: Since the XWatch can be paired with your phone, it makes life a lot easier when you’re on the move. Just download the app and pair the smartwatch to sync your contacts, calendar, BT Music, Call Logs, SMS, notifications, and more. It also comes with a lot of useful features that are already integrated, like the stopwatch, find-your-phone feature, calculator, alarm, and sedentary mode.

Stylish Design: The XWatch has a modern and responsive design and is sized at 44mm x 38mm. All glass components are scratch resistant and the strap is silicone for long-term comfort. Its built-in speaker and mic for phone calls and notifications is integrated into the design seamlessly, along with its USB charge port. The device’s battery can last between three and five days without charge and the display can be customized to really make it your own.

Improve Your Sleep: Improving your sleep quality becomes much more manageable with the XWatch. It monitors your sleeping posture, records sleep duration, and produces concise reports to help you take more control over your slumber. Taking time for yourself can often be difficult, especially when it comes to getting enough sleep, so it’s a lot easier when you have a powerful sleep-monitoring device on your wrist.


Taking Your Fitness Further

Helping you improve your fitness is likely the key benefit of the XWatch. Anyone who’s serious about taking care of themselves can do so with little effort using the XWatch. It measures your steps and heart-rate with a built-in pedometer and heart monitor, and if you download the Advanced Fitness Application, you can pair it with your XWatch to make use of the integrated electrocardiogram technology. An ECG monitors your heart’s rhythm and electrical signals and will help you detect any irregularities both before and after your workouts. Continuous use of your watch’s fitness features will send reports to programmers so they can keep improving performance.

How Much are They?

The cost of an XWatch is much more affordable than other bigger brands. For just $198, you can get all the same features as other leading smartwatches, like responsive phone pairing, cutting-edge ECG technology, and a heavy-duty battery, but at a fraction of the typical cost. And for a limited time only, the first range is available at 50% off, so just $99.

Is the XWatch Worth It?

The XWatch is a good choice for anyone that’s in the market for an affordable smartwatch. They’re available at a much lower price than other brands yet they still have all the desirable features for making life easier. Its design is sleek and simple and the device is robust, lasting for up to five days without charge, depending on your usage. It has several unique features, like the find-your-phone function and alarm mode, and is perfect for anyone who wants a product for the long-run.

The XWatch makes life convenient but it can also help you improve your general wellbeing. If you’re serious about monitoring your health and fitness activity, this smartwatch can help you keep on track through regular concise reports. If you pair the watch with the smartphone app, you can get more comprehensive information relating to your past exercises, workout routines, and make use of the watch’s highly accurate ECG heart monitor.

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