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  1. | Daniel | 47 minutes ago

    I finally want to do my daily jogging and I thought I would buy the fitness watch. I'm excited. XWatch can do everything and much more in the description. I'm sure it will motivate me every day. With this price it's a MUST , I don't believe they will keep the 50% discount for long !

  1. | Peter | 2 hours ago

    Incredibly cool smartwatch! I tried it right away. I Am with the clock and my boys on the football field. It is really fun. I think my boys will all order one too. I told them to hurry up before it get's out of stock Haha.

  1. | Kevin | 3 hours ago

    For me, XWatch is the best product you can get in the fitness watch market right now. Not only does it looks great, it can also do a lot !! I am constantly on the move and sport is part of my life, just like daily brushing my teeth. Now I finally found a smartwatch that offers everything I need. TOP.

  1. | Martin | 5 hours ago

    Uhhh, I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Everyone tells online how great the product is and then they sell it for cheaper price than the big brands. A friend of mine received the XWatch few days ago and He is so excited about it. He showed me what It can do, and of course I did not wait long to get one!

  1. | Jennifer | 9 hours ago

    I've been looking for a perfect present for my husband for so long and with XWatch I finally found it. He will go crazy about it !

  1. | Jack | 13 hours ago

    Friday ordered my XWatch and on Monday it arrived at my place, charged the battery and off we went. I will make this short.. I am pretty thrilled about, go get one before it gets out of stock!!

  1. | Linda | 16 hours ago

    What can I say, just GREAT. I love it. It looks good, wears well (even if you sweat). The operation is simple and yet it has an incredible number of features. Everything I need!! Thanks....

  1. | Ann-Kathrin | 18 hours ago

    Delivery is pretty fast , I received it after 48 hours. I Immediately tested it and it's awesome .

  1. | Max | 1 day ago

    I'm excited and my girlfriend too .... we have ordered two for both of us .

  1. | Robert | 1 day ago

    I've never had a fitness watch before - it's my first. I first had to read a little bit. But it is really easy to use.. My son also got his hands on it. He hit it a couple of times with his hammer, the watch didn't even get a scratch. Really great! My wife is also happy because she hopes that I will do more sports and live a little healthier.

  1. | Christian | 1 day ago

    Great clock. The others just can not keep up with price. Keep it up!

  1. | Oliver | 1 day ago

    It looks great on you and very comfortable . It's simple and easy to use with lot's of features and I have all the information I need. What more do you want.

  1. | Lincoln | 1 day ago

    Great!! Simply great. Go out with it every day and run.

  1. | Jenny | 1 day ago

    The order was easy, It arrived on time and makes a high-quality impression. Great product.

  1. | Nathan | 1 day ago

    I bought the watch. Everything was as described. Top price!!

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